Okanagan Sockeye Salmon Ceviche on Bannock

Combining Okanagan Bannock from Westbank’s Kekuli Cafe with Okanagan Sockeye Salmon from Osoyoos Lake, this refreshing take on the classic ceviche offers a delightful experience suited for light lunches or special gatherings.

“Cooked” in a Lemon Juice and Onion marinade, the Sockeye Salmon turns opaque, yet remains delicate and rich, without drying-out.

Rob Wilson
Interim Operations Coordinator, Cold Storage and Food Hub
Okanagan Nation Alliance – Okanagan Select

Chili and Coriander Salmon Cake with Beet Marmalade

Here is a delicious salmon cake recipe that Chef Perry Bentley made as a signature recipe for the canned Okanagan Select Sockeye salmon. We served it at Feast of Fields to 800 guests, and the guests thought this salmon cake tasted gourmet restaurant quality. Chef Perry thought the aroma and taste of the Okanagan wild Sockeye salmon is outstanding, and he is proud that the salmon is on the Worlds Healthiest Foods list.

The cake mix can be made a day ahead, and the beet marmalade several days ahead. If you do make the salmon mixes ahead, do not form the cakes, do that to order.

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