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Okanagan Nations Commercial Fisheries Seine Net Fishing

oks-sk-ok-can-180gproduct-image-rsThe Okanagan Sockeye perfectly expresses the unique conditions of our land and water. Peachy rose in colour, this sockeye offers near perfect balance: buttery light and juicy yet refined.

Beliefs and traditions are a very important part of First Nations’ culture and often reflect a deep understanding and respect for nature. Okanagan Select honors their roots by using holistic traditional practices of selective fishing—handed down from our ancestors.

  • Fresh & Wild Quality
    We’re 100% local and 100% wild. Our products are never far between clear BC rivers and the plate.
  • Sustainable
    Using selective harvesting methods and quality control, we’re keeping an eye on the future without forgetting our past.
  • Value
    Through thoughtful planning, careful handling, and quality processing, we strive to prove that premium Salmon and value-added products can be affordable.

NutritionFactsAll Wild Okanagan Sockeye Salmon are Ocean Wise approved & we are a FishChoice Supplier Member.

Wild Okanagan Sockeye (Sc’win) caught in Inner Southern British Columbia is recommended by Ocean Wise as a sustainable seafood choice and receives eco-certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Proceeds from sales are re-invested in the enhancement, restoration, mitigation, and conservation of native fish and aquatic resources within the Okanagan Basin.

Fish Choice Recommended Supplier

Wild Okanagan Select Salmon is Ocean Wise approved

Okanagan Select Wild Sockeye Salmon is available fresh, frozen, smoked, and cooked.

Fresh Salmon is available, during the harvest months of June, July, and August.

Frozen fresh sockeye is available throughout the rest of the year as whole rounds, gutted, headed, gutted & headed, premium fillets, cold smoked sides, and candied salmon.

Shelf-stable products are portion sized ready-to-eat packs of canned Sockeye and Smoked salmon retort pouches.