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Case Okanagan Select
Wild Sockeye Salmon | 24x160g (oos)

Case Okanagan Select
Wild Sockeye Salmon | 24x160g (oos)


Wild Okanagan Sockeye, Skin-on, Backbone removed, may contain bones

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Wild sockeye travel from the Pacific Ocean up the Columbia River and the Okanagan River into the Okanagan Valley to seek out the productive glacial gravels and clean abundant water flows found in the spawning grounds of traditional rivers.

  • Local, Fresh, and Sustainable
  • Easy to open can
  • Packed with omega-3s and vitamins
  • High quality protein, low fat & calories
  • Skin-on, backbone removed

Beliefs and traditions are a very important part of First Nations’ culture and reflect a deep understanding and respect for nature. We honour the resiliency and prosperity of our natural environment by using only selective fishing methods. First Nations’ communities honour their roots by using holistic traditional practices of selective fishing that have been handed down from our ancestors.

Using selective fishing methods and quality control, we’re keeping an eye on the future without forgetting our past.

Ingredients: Wild Sockeye Salmon, sea salt.

Processed in a Federally regulated facility for premium food safety and quality.

Product of Canada

——- Please Note ——-

Late June 2023 our sockeye salmon returned from the Pacific Ocean and entered the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon.

Returning numbers were good and average size was 2.7 lbs.

Unfortunately, by the time the salmon had finished traversing the many dams and reached the turnoff to travel north into Canada, Okanagan River water temperatures exceeded 20 degrees Celsius!

With these temperatures, the salmon spent the summer in Washington state in the Columbia River.

In October, when water temperatures finally cooled, the sockeye salmon that survived the many sport fishing boats, finally returned to Canada.

With the late return to Canada, there was no sockeye harvest in 2023 in the Okanagan!

We had planned a production run of Okanagan Select sockeye cans.
With no harvest, there was no production run!
Consequently, we no longer have cases of regular Okanagan Select sockeye cans available!

The production run we had planned for 2023 will hopefully happen in late 2024!

Red arrow on following map indicates where water temperatures in early July 2023 were too high for returning salmon.  Green area has water flowing to the Columbia River.

Thank you for supporting the Okanagan Nation Alliance salmon reintroduction efforts

Columbia River


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