Bliss Tea Kombucha Now Available At Okanagan Select

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Okanagan Select is excited to introduce new flavour sensations to our tasting room. We have partnered up with Rhonda Dieni, the founder of Bliss Tea in West Kelowna B.C, to sell her mouthwatering teas. Her beliefs are “Let food be thy medicine” and she is concerned with what we put into our bodies. She started making Bliss Tea to ‘clean up her body’ while pregnant 4 years ago.

“Just a ¼ to a ½ cup of pure Bliss Tea Kombucha daily gives you energy, makes your system more alkaline, boosts your digestive health – and it’s great for your skin,” says Bliss Tea founder Rhonda Dieni, “It makes you shine from the inside out.” This local, raw, and organic drink is full of natural probiotic and digestive enzymes. Bliss Tea Kombucha has gotten many people talking about it’s delicious taste and whole-body benefits.

This naturally bubbly, refreshing herbal tea comes with 1/3 less sugar and 40% less caffeine than most kombucha beverages. Bliss Tea Kombucha comes in four unique flavours, bottled up in reusable mason jars.

  • Ginger: Bright, Bold and Beautiful Taste
  • Yerba Mate Mint: Mojito style mix with Refreshing Spearmint
  • Original: Brewed with Assam Black Tea – You’ll never go back to ice tea
  • Hibiscus: Bold, Slightly Bittersweet and a Cranberry Flavour

This small business has expanded it’s product availability into 120 stores throughout Alberta and British Columbia and continues to grow nationwide. Kombucha will be available for tasting in the near future with Okanagan Select.

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